Advanced Anti-Fog Film

for Lenses and Clear Surfaces

Clear up the fog on your mirror, helmet, goggles, and car windshield.


Launch on July 10, 2018

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Advanced Anti-Fog Film

for Lenses and Clear Surfaces

Clear up the fog on your mirror, helmet, goggles, and car windshield.


Launch on July 10, 2018

Kickstarter Page


Gain complete visibility

AFC (Anti-fog and super hydrophilic) is a film that prevents fogging and water droplets on any types of glass surface such as car windshield, shower room, goggles, etc.

Car glass

On a rainy day, fogging inside the car is dangerous because it interferes with the driver’s vision. Especially at night, the visibility is short, which makes it difficult for the driver to recognize objects ahead and to see both the windshield and side mirror and there is a danger in driving.


Steam generated on the helmet shield due to the temperature difference between inside and outside of the helmet interferes with the driver’s vision, and it is inconvenient to wipe it every time. When riding on a rainy day, the fogging generated by the user’s breathing may be difficult to for driver to recognize the object ahead and it leads to a serious accident.

Snorkeling goggles

When the temperature of seawater gets low after getting into the water, the temperature difference generates fogging inside the goggles and disturb the view.

Swimming goggles

The difference between the outside and inside of the swimming goggles temperature generates the fogging inside of goggles. The fogging blocks visibility and it is very inconvenient to remove the fogging by soaking them in water each time.

Ski goggles

The effect of contact with the user’s body temperature and the subzero temperature occurs the fogging inside of goggles.

DIY customer

You can cut AFC film to fit any shape you want and use on a variety of surfaces.

  • Difficult to look in the mirror after shower.

    It is inconvenient to wipe the mirror and open the window every time after the shower due to the high humidity.

  • Easy attachment

    AFC film can solve all these obstacles at once with an innovated film material. It is an essential product for a convenient life.

  • Provide complete visibility

    It is easy to attach AFC film in the mirror. It provides complete visibility without any inconvenient.

  • What is AFC (anti fog + c) ?

    AFC film, which grafts superhydrophilic technology onto the film, can lower the distortion rate of the field of view between water and spread quickly as soon as water touches on the film. it provides both clear visibility and anti-fog.



The super-hydrophilic function reduces the contact angle between the surface and water droplets to less than 5 °. This makes it easier to secure a clear view without making water droplets on the surface. It cleans dust and dirt.

Before film application
After film application



AFC film protects from bacterial growth by preventing fogging on the glass surface due to temperature and humidity.

  • Fogging on the helmet glass caused by the user’s breath

    Fogging on the helmet can interfere with your vision, making it difficult to recognize the object, which can lead to serious accidents.

  • Easy attachment AFC film

    AFC (ANTI FOG + C) film can solve all these obstacles at once Innovative film material is the safest choice for safety.

  • Provide complete visibility

Before film application
AFC Film Application

3. Self-cleaning function

By super hydrophilic technology, water droplets spread to wash off the dirt and dust without staying on the surface.






4. Prevent Scratch

The PET film surface is applied by hard coating to maintain the hardness of 2H in order to prevent scratches and have excellent scratch resistance.

  • Specifications

    Product type & Size information
DIY customer film

AFC Film can be cut to fit any shapes you want and can be used on various surfaces.

type: for custom
size: 480mm x 300mm
18.8in x

Helmet film

AFC film for helmet shield provides two different types for full face & open face.

type: Open Face
size: 280mm X 89mm
11in X 3.5in

type: Full Face
size: 260mm X 80mm
10in X 3.1in

Snorkeling Goggle film

AFC film for snorkeling mask provides 1-window mask sheet & 2-window mask sheet.

type: 1-window mask sheet
size: 141mm X 62mm
5.5in X 2.4in

type: 2-window mask sheet
size: 49mm X 61mm
1.9in X 2.4in

Ski Goggle film

AFC film for ski goggles provides a universal size sheet.

type: ski goggle
size: 201mm X 73mm
7.9in X 2.8in

Swimming Goggle film

AFC Film for swimming goggles provides a universal size sheet (Adult, Kids).

type: Kids
size: 31mm X 21mm
1.2in X 0.8in

type: Adult
size: 34mm X 25mm
1.3in X 0.9in

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Anti-Fog Film for All Lenses & Mirrors

Clear up the fog on your mirror, helmet, goggles, and car windshield.


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